Aditya Koparde (Adi)

As President  and Co-Founder at Acreage, Adi is responsible for the entire operations of the company. He brings more than 16 years of experience in ICT strategy, engineering, solutioning and portfolio/program management. His past experience and leadership have been focused on developing and delivering complex technology-driven business services and solutions, providing outstanding client service, and driving profitable substantial revenue growth.

Adi has always demonstrated flexibility both to tackle different business areas, and also balance the macro and micro perspective.

He is the one man who can peel the onion and find the core of what drives the business and help drive and focus execution in line with that core. This makes him a structured problem solver, who’s analytical enough to break down problems into their core issues and draw conclusions on what to do from current state of the business. From there, he builds teams and gets things done.

Adi is a quick learner who enables dramatic change, drives execution through everyone in the organization, brings structure, process and prioritization. And a final point Adi is someone who’s comfortable being outside the main spotlight and roll up his sleeves to get stuff done.