Fabricia MonteiroR&D Lead

I am a researcher, blockchain enthusiastic, and gender equality advocacy. I am full of energy, passion, empathy, and dedication. Since the beginning of my career, I always pursued a chance to join something big, that is why I am thrilled to join ACREAGE Team and its vision to disrupt the private investment market with tokenization. I truly believe in new technologies as they will be the best chance to improve the experience as we move into the innovative future era.

As a Co-Founder of Centennial Blockchain Club, I help students identify market needs and plan their careers. My work at the club also involves coaching students and delivering workshops. Arguably most important of all, my experience as an international student has enhanced my understanding of diversity and capacity to build trust with people from all over the world.

I am always looking forward to an opportunity to solve a huge problem and help Colleges and Universities deliver a better experience for students, in order to do something that really impacts society in a positive way.